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Appendix Ⅰ Chronology of Events for 2014

Appendix I Chronology of Events for 2014

January 01 Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration designated Feitsui Reservoir Yellow-Margined Box Turtle and Wildlife Conservation Area, which became an important demonstration zone of in situ conservation of protected
turtle species in Asia.
01 Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government, combined Flora Expo sites at Yuanshan, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and Xinsheng to form Taipei Expo Park. From January to the end of 2014, Expo Park attracted 5.69 million visitors, achieving satisfaction rating of 80%; the satisfaction rating for the exhibition halls was as high as 90%.
04 Every weekend, Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government organized “Taipei Farmer's Market” at Taipei Expo Park, cooperating with other municipal governments in Taiwan to launch major themed events, attracting over 1.12 million visitors and generating over 120 million dollars in revenues.
10 Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin led a delegation to visit Taipei's sister cities: Guatemala City, Guatemala, Asuncion, Paraguay, and Houston, USA. The delegation returned on January 23.
15 Taipei Free Public Wi-Fi Service was chosen by CNN as one of 10 things Taiwan does better than anywhere else; others include night markets, the National Palace Museum, junior league baseball, National Health Insurance, and xiaolongbao (steamed dumpling).
22 Taipei Free launched roaming service for Kinmen County's free public Wi-Fi accounts (Km-airnet accounts). Taipei City Government and Chinese Taipei Skating Union co-organized the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2014. The event ended on January 25, and attracted an audience of over 30 thousand.
23 Taipei City Office of Commerce organized 2014 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival and launched a series of events including Taipei New Year Street, Taipei Chinese New Year Shopping Month, and TWTC New Year Shopping Fair, attracting over 4.02 million visitors and generating approximately NT$4.4 billion in revenues.
29 Public Works Department of Taipei City Government launched the 2014 Yangmingshan Flower Festival that lasted till March 9. The event attracted approximately 1.42 million visitors.

February 07 Department of Civil Affairs of Taipei City Government organized the 2014 Taipei Lantern Festival at Yuanshan Park and Taipei Fine Arts Museum Park of Floral Expo. The event continued until February 16, and attracted millions of spectators.
11 Mayor Hau Lung-Bin announced at the 1,770th Department Heads' Meeting that, beginning on May 1, 2014, the hourly minimum wage for all employees of all departments and bureaus of Taipei City Government would be increased to NT$133 and minimum monthly wage would become NT$22,639. It was projected that about 4,200 city employees would benefit from the increase of minimum wage.
11 Taipei City Neihu Parent-Child Center & Infant Day-Care Center, the twelfth privately-managed public facility of its kind, officially opened. Shih Chien University was commissioned by Taipei City Government for the management of the center, which admitted 45 infants under the age of 2, achieving the city's goal of “one infant day-care center per community”.
14 Contract signed between Taipei City Government and Shin Kong Life Insurance Co. Ltd., winner of the bid for Project of Development and Creation of Superficies on City-owned Land, Parcel No. 42, Jingmao Section, Nangang District, Taipei City. Shin Kong Life Insurance paid Taipei City Government NT$ 2,023,456,789 for the superficies rights, and the development project was projected to bring 925 additional jobs.
14 Taipei Free public Wi-Fi launched by Department of Information Technology of Taipei City Government won the recognition of The Telegraph, which named Taipei the top city on the “Free Wi-Fi Networks: the World's Most Connected Cities” list.
17 Taipei City Fire Department and fire departments of five other counties and cities, including New Taipei City, signed Disaster Areas Mutual Support Agreement with Emergency Management Department, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
20 Department of Transportation of Taipei City Government installed the very first Double-Sided Intelligent Bus Stops in Taiwan at MRT Gongguan Station.
22 Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission held the 2014 Taipei City Hakka Bag Gung Ceremony. The event lasted until February 23, and saw over 3,000 participants.
23 Jingmei High School and National Taiwan Normal University Female Tug-of-War Teams, both from Taipei City, represented Chinese Taipei and participated in the TWIF Indoor World Championships held in Ireland until February 28, and won the gold in 500kg category.
27 National Conscription Agency, Ministry of the Interior, recognized Taipei City as the No.1 municipal government in conscription administration.
28 Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City Government held the 1600 Pandas World Tour – Taipei, exhibiting 1,600 paper pandas made by French artist Paulo Grangeon at Citizen Square and National Theater and Concert Hall, marketing Taipei's city image through action art. Taipei City also produced 200 paper Formosa black bears to raise the awareness of Taiwan's indigenous endangered species through this opportunity. The exhibition ended on March 30, and attracted 3.03 million visitors over its duration.

March 02 Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin and Speaker Wu Pi-chu of Taipei City Council jointly led a delegation of 70 members, including department heads, city councilors, and members of Friends of the Armed Forces Association to Penghu, visiting Penghu Defense Command, Taiwan Air Force 443rd Tactical Fighter Wing, Navy 146th Fleet, Naval Makung Logistics Support Command, Penghu Defense Command Motorized Infantry, and Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion and recognized Taipei citizens serving in Penghu. The delegation returned on March 3.
07 Taipei City Government established Office for Gender Equality to plan the implementation of the city's gender equality policies, and to continue the operation of Taipei Association for the Promotion of Women's Rights, becoming the first municipal government in Taiwan to establish such agency.
13 Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government, promulgated the “Guidelines of Discounts for Accessing City-Owned Facilities by Taipei City's Senior Indigenous Citizens”, benefiting indigenous elders between the ages 55 and 64 to enjoy the same discounts at city-owned facilities as senior citizens over the age of 65.
14 Public Works Department of Taipei City Government organized the 2014 CKS Shilin Residence Rose Show, attracting approximately 170 thousand visitors. The show ended on March 30.
16 Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin signed “MOU of Hakka Cultural Exchange and Industrial Promotion” with Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun of Hsinchu County in Hsinchu. Taipei and Hsinchu would join forces in the promotion of Hsinchu's local produces and the establishment of Hakka cultural and industrial platform, vitalizing local industries at Hakka settlements and enhancing industrial cooperation between Hakka counties and cities throughout Taiwan.
16 Department of Urban Development of Taipei City Government held “Open Dialogue” to share visions for the city and explore six major issues of the renewal of old communities in order to forge a shared vision. This was a creative experiment of Taipei City's urban renewal planning.
19 Taipei City Government took legal, ethical, and emotional factors into consideration, and received permission from the central government to implement demolition for Wenlin Yuan urban renewal project. A negotiation task force was formed to help resolve the dispute, and facilitate rational communication between all parties. The Wang family took down the prefabricated house on the construction site, and the dispute was resolved successfully. Construction started and the construction term was extended to June
22, 2017.
20 Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration was awarded the Carbon Neutrality Certificate by Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, becoming the first water reservoir in Taiwan to be so recognized.
22 Hakka Affairs Commission of Taipei City Government organized 2014 Taipei City Hakka Three Mountain Kings Ceremony, which attracted approximately 2,000 participants.
24 Department of Labor of Taipei City Government established the first Taipei Youth Salon with core spirits of “professionalism, creativity, support, companionship” to provide free comprehensive resources and services, including “career development assessment,” “workplace experience and internship,” “career support,” “employment services,” and “platform for startups,” helping young citizens to be more competitive and successful in the job market.
25 Dihua Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant of Public Works Department of Taipei City Government was recognized by Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, as the first Environmental Education Facility of Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant in Taipei.
25 Department of Transportation of Taipei City Government launched Free Voice Query Service for Estimated Arrival Time of Bus in Taipei and New Taipei City. The first of its kind in Taiwan, the service allowed timely query for bus arrival times via voice calls or codes.
27 Taipei City Government achieved Class A in illegal constructions demolition and ranked top in Taiwan in the Illegal Constructions Supervision and Audit Project launched by Ministry of the Interior.
28 Taipei City Government joined the Top Green Brands 2014 competition organized by Business Next. Taipei won the top prize in Green Tourism category, and received “Best Green Tourism City” award.
28 Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government organized the World Design Capital Taipei 2016 Singing Ceremony at Taipei Guest House. The event was the first of a series of official WDC events. Witnessed by Vice President Wu Deng-yih, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin and chairman of Icsid signed the Host City Agreement.
29 Deputy Mayor Chen Hsiung-wen led a delegation to London, England, to participate in International Association of Horticultural Producers. The event ended on April 6.
29 Taipei Metro organized the Taipei Metro Culture Festival to promote MRT manners and rules such as “no eating and drinking,” “line up for boarding,” and “yield priority seats,” and recognize outstanding MRT janitors and children who won the MRT Elevator Wrap Design Competition.
30 Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government launched the Short-term Revitalization Plan for former Air Force Command Headquarters. The first exhibition organized was The Age of Flight – Special Exhibition on the Air Force of the Republic of China. It marked the first time the Air Force Command Headquarters opened its doors to the public. The exhibition attracted approximately 17.3 thousand visitors and ended on May 29.
31 Taipei Metro organized the Thank You Janitor Day, inviting commuters to jointly pay tribute to the hardworking janitors at MRT stations. Over 35 thousand people joined the series of activities.

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