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Appendix I Chronology of Events for 2012

AppendixⅠ-Chronology of Events for 2012

January 01 The 1999 Citizen Hotline offers trusty, convenient 24-hour, year-round sign language and videoconferencing services to callers with hearing impairment. The service is an effective testimony of the City Government's thoughtfulness to accommodate citizens with disabilities. The Department of Cultural Affairs and the Taipei City Archives hosted “the Stories of the Historic Stores in Taipei” in Bopiliao Historical District between December 3, 2011 and February 5, 2012. The exhibition was visited by 182,116.
02 The Department of Health pioneered the country in offering PVC-13 to recipients of “medical subsidies for children” between the ages of one and five. 39,582 children received the vaccination. The service concluded on December 31.
04 In “Checking the House Tax Registration and the Usage of House” evaluation by the Ministry of Finance, the Taipei Revenue Service won first place in the category of “local taxation revenue agencies, Group A.”
05 The stretch between Daqiaotou Station and Fu Jen University Station of the Taipei Metro was inaugurated and open to public service. A new addition of 8.1 kilometers and 7 stations is now in operation. The Taipei Metro now consists of 101 stations and 110 km of revenue track.
07 The Taipei City Office of Commerce inaugurated the 2012 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival in 8 commercial districts-including the famed Dihua Street. Over 2 million visitors enjoyed a shopping spree. The Festival concluded on January 21.
08 The Taipei Mortuary Services Office inaugurated “Yangmingshan Zhen-ai Building” at the Second Columbarium in Yangmingshan First Cemetery.
10 The Department of Urban Development opened Dalongdong Public Rental Housing complex to tenants. The move serves as a bellwether for other public housing complexes.
16 The Department of Economic Development won the only “Award Extraordinaire” of the nation during the Annual Performance Assessment of the Hot Spring Management Task, 2011, by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
21 The Taipei Broadcasting Station set up a Mobile Studio on Dihua Street, inviting Taipei Mayor Lung-bin Hau to an exclusive interview on “the 2012 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival.”
27 The Main Building of Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence is fully opened to tours with tickets. Free pre- recorded tour guide services are available.
28 The Department of Civil Servant Development hosted “Basic Volunteer Trainings” on the Taipei E-Campus. The trainings, themed, “New Charity Service Through E-Learning,” won “Excellence in Practice Citation” in Learning Technologies of 2011“ by the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD).
30 The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation launched an advanced phone-booking guide service for passengers with visual impairment. These passengers can phone the 24-hour Customer Service Center 10 minutes before arriving at the station exit, and find staff assistance available there.
31 The Department of Information Technology hosted “Dining Experience Easy-Share via Taipei Free.” The online ballot attracted 201,314 netizens.

February 01 The Administrative Appeals Commission set up “the Administrative Appeal Consulting Services” in various district offices to provide free appeal consulting.
02 The Department of Civil Affairs hosted ”the 2012 Taipei Lantern Festival-Auspicious Dragon Brings Brimful Happiness. “The festivities were attended by 6 million and ended on February 12.
03 In “The Revenue Services Collecting Tax Arrears” evaluation by the Ministry of Finance, the Taipei Revenue Service won first place in the category of “local taxation revenue agencies, Group A.”
04 The Taipei Metro’s daily passenger traffic exceeded 2 million for the first time ever, reaching 2,058,000 that day.
06 The Environmental Education Center at the Taipei Water Department was recognized with “Environment Education Facilities & Premises Certification ”by the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, pioneering all the other publicly-run agencies in the country.
10 The Public Works Department won first place in “the 2011 Annual Urban Roads Maintenance Management Performance Evaluation “by the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior.
11 The Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission hosted “National Hakka Day. “The event was attended by 3,000.
13 The Public Works Department organized “the 2012 Taipei Camellia Show-Secrets in Camellia’s Mind. “ The show was attended by 40,850 visitors, and concluded on February 26.
17 The Public Works Department hosted “the 2012 Yang Ming Shan Flower Festival-the Smell of Yang Ming Mountain. “About 1.33 million visitors checked out the Festival, which ended on March 18. The Taipei Metro System achieved the milestone of 5 billion cumulative riders. The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation pioneered the country in installing emergency call phones in the wheelchair passenger areas on Tamsui Line’s 301.
21 The Department of Education pioneered the nation in setting up a “Distant Education System of Aboriginal Languages.” 4 aboriginal languages are taught by the system to ensure aboriginal students’ right to learning.
27 The Taipei Sports Office and the Taiwan International Sport Dance Development Association hosted “the 2012 Open Professional Ballroom Dance Championship Asian Tour, Taipei Open.” 12,000 dancers registered to compete in the event, which ended on February 28.

March 01 The Taipei City Market Administration Office hosted “the 2012 Taipei Traditional Market Festival-Local Flavors, Local Flairs.” In light of the fact that the traditional markets have successfully preserved Taiwan’s multifaceted dining cultures, the Festival aimed at organizing themed marketing events to advertise a variety of tasty treats found in our everyday life. About 50,000 visitors joined the fair. The event ended on March 25. The Taipei City Government’s official website was chosen as one of the “2012 Top 100 Taiwan Websites” and the “2012 Top 20 Government Websites” by Business Next. TCG’s website was the only government entry among the finalists.
03 Taipei Mayor Lung-bin Hau led a delegation to London in the U.K., Barcelona in Spain, and Hamburg and Berlin in Germany to better understand these cities’ innovative urban renewal policies, and to find inspiration for Taipei’s ongoing urban redevelopment programs. The visit ended on March 14.
14 The Department of Information and Tourism participated “Taiwan’s Top 10 Travel Temptations” which hosted by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. “Small Town Beitou” was chosen as one of the “Travel Temptations.” “Fashion Xinyi” also won the “Bright Spot Community with the Most International Tourism Potential” special award.
21 The Department of Civil Servant Development and the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation were both honored with the Global Human Resource Development Award 2012 by the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO).
23 The Department of Economic Development organized “the Calla Lily Festival” in Zhuzi Lake. The festival ended on April 29 and was attended by 700,000.
26 The Department of Civil Servant Development developed “Government Risk Management” courses on Taipei E-Campus. The courses were recognized with the “Grade-AA” quality award in the “Digital Learning Services” category by the e-Learning Quality Service Center.
27 The Department of Social Welfare hosted “the 2012 Exceptional Social Workers Citation Ceremony and Achievements Review” in which, 42 outstanding social workers were publicly commended. The ceremony was attended by 225.
29 The Department of Compulsory Military Service hosted the 2012 Spring Worship for the Ancestral Martyrs in conjunction with Youth Day Celebrations. The Department also expressed condolences to bereaved family members of the martyrs.
30 The Taipei Public Library and the American Institute in Taiwan partnered to install “the American Space.” “The American Space” was upgraded to become “the American Corner” after certification by the U.S. State Department. The Taipei Sports Office hosted “the 2012 National Track & Field Spring Open, Taipei City,” attracting 1,670 athletes. The event concluded on April 1.
The Department of Cultural Affairs organized the 8th Chinese Character Festival, themed, “Creativity from Everyday Living, from Taipei to the World.” The Festival consisted of 19 events. They were attended by 50,000, which ended on April 29.
31 The Department of Cultural Affairs organized the 8th Chinese Character Festival, themed, “Creativity from Everyday Living, from Taipei to the World.” The Festival consisted of 19 events. They were attended by 50,000, which ended on April 29.

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