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Editor's Note

Editor's Note

1.This yearbook is published annually, in both Chinese and English editions. The 2013 edition is based on the time period from January 1 to December 31 of the year 2013. Its content is primarily devoted to description of important projects undertaken by the Taipei City Government, plans and policies of the city government, concrete achievements, related strategies and systems, major events and activities for the public, and the direction of the city’s future development and innovations.

2.The yearbook consists of nineteen chapters and three appendices. The contents of each chapter were initially written by representatives of relevant bureaus and departments of the city government and then reorganized by department heads. Manuscripts were then submitted to the editorial staff for corrections and improvements, and were handed over to professional editors and art editors.

3.The primary aim of the yearbook is to convey information in a fluent style. Instead of providing a merely statistical summary of the city government's undertaking, it includes descriptions of important events and activities sponsored by the city government throughout the year, to aid the reader arriving at an in-depth understanding of the city. In this manner, the yearbook differs from an official report of the government’s practices and achievements.

4.The cover story of the yearbook focuses on major constructions, policies and activities of Taipei City. In the 2012 yearbook the cover story “Taipei-an Adaptive City, Design In Motion- Heads towards Becoming the World Design Capital” may help readers to better perceive and acknowledge some concrete achievements of the city government.

5.The “Special Features” of the 2012 yearbook are: “Maybe I Love You-MRT!,” ,“Yours, Mine, and Everyone’s New Friend-YouBike, A Smiling Ride in Taipei,” “Activation of the Tamsui River”, and “Accessible Arcades makes Taipei Friendlier-Taipei Arcade Pavement Leveling Program”, and “Fun Travel in Taipei” , and they are all about the important projects currently being promoted in Taipei City. These features serve to introduce these projects both inside and outside the country.

6.The major events and activities sponsored by the Taipei City Government are chronologically listed in the Appendices, from January to December of the year 2013.

7.The statistical data on Table 16 in the Appendix is based on information for 2012, since corresponding data for 2013 were not available at the time of printing.

8.For the convenience of the reader, the names of significant individuals, places, organizations, events, meetings, awards, legal cases, plans, projects, strategies, systems, special festivals, books, religious sects, temples, churches, diseases, and activities are all listed in the index. Items listed in the index are arranged based on the number of strokes according to the Handbook of Standard Strokes and Stroke Order of Chinese Characters edited by the Ministry of Education. Detailed records of important events, statistics and data, notable individuals that are included in the Appendices as well as pictures, are not included in the index.

9.This yearbook is published in USB Flash Drive form. Contents are also available on the official home page of the Taipei City Government (address: http://yearbook. taipei.gov.tw) for your reference.

10.The task of compiling and editing this yearbook was done in a relatively short period of time. As a result, readers are asked to be tolerant of inevitable minor mistakes and inaccuracies.

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