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Appendix Ⅰ Chronology of Events for 2013

Appendix I Chronology of Events for 2013

January 01 The Department of Social Welfare launched “i-care Emergency Rescue Service” to protect the safety of over 5,000 solitary senior citizens in Taipei. The Department of Social Welfare transferred the administration of private after-class childcare cares centers to the Department of Education in response to the enforcement of the amended The Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act. The Department of Finance implemented the policy of allowing the public to pay tuition and fees for schools and agencies located in Taipei at convenient stores without additional charges in order to help reduce the burden of the public and also accelerate the collection of various fees for Taipei City Government services.
04 The Department of Economic Development conducted the “2013 Stray Dog and Cat Adoption Activity.” About 105 sessions were held and 819 dogs and cats were adopted. The activity ended on October 31.
14 The Taipei City Vocational Development Institute won the silver medal in the Training Institution Category of 2012 National Training Quality Evaluation, conducted by the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan.
15 A“Taipei City Government FastBook Automatic Book Lending Station” was set up at the Taipei Public Library and 557 library cards were issued on the spot as of January 28.
18 The Department of Health cooperated with the Eindhoven City, Netherlands to work on the Personalized service, Active Ageing, and Indepenfent living Technology Project and jointly applied to the EU for recognition of the project as a Seventh Framework Programme (EU FP7). Both sides also signed a confidentiality agreement.
21 Deputy Governor Ray Tenorio of Guam, a sister city of Taipei, led a delegation to visit Taipei and called on Deputy Mayor Chen Wei-zen.
23 Taipei City Office of Commerce launched the “2013 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival” program in Dihua Street and 9 other major shopping districts. 7 department stores, 3 hypermarkets and 9 traditional markets participated in the Taipei Chinese New Year Shopping Month activity which drew 3,320,000 people and created the total output value of around NT$3.2 billion. The activity ended on February 19.
25 The Public Works Department organized the 2013 Taipei Tea Festival. The festival drew about 42,500 people and ended on February 3.
28 The Department of Information Technology launched the “iTAP (intelligent Taipei Access Platform)” program and signed a memorandum of understanding with National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Tri-Service General Hospital Songshan Branch and Tri-Service General Hospital Beitou Branch to provide online information services. The service became available starting on July 31.
29 The 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Organizing Committee was established.

February 01 The Discovery Theater at the Discovery Center of Taipei held the premiere of the new movie “Moments in Taipei” and a special exhibition, which 12,906 people attended. The event ended on March 31.
08 The Taipei Revenue Service was rated No. 1 of Group A Local Tax Offices by the Ministry of Finance in the “2012 New Tax Debt Prevention and Old Tax Debt Collection Competition”.
12 The Public Works Department organized the “2013 Yangmingshan Flower Festival – Here Comes Flora” and about 1,136,000 people attended. The event ended on March 17. Taipei City Government Deputy Secretary-General, Kuo-ann Wu, visited Kazan City, Russia to take part in venue inspections and attend preparatory meetings held by Kazan Summer Universiade Organizing Committee. The trip ended on February 18.
20 The Department of Cultural Affairs consolidated local literature resources and held the 2013 Taipei Literature Festival under the theme of “Reading Across the City”. A number of internationally renowned authors also attended thanks to the invitation by the Department of Cultural Affairs. About 153 sessions of seminars and workshops were conducted and over 20,000 people attended. The event ended on June 15.
21 The Department of Civil Affairs held the 2013 Taipei Lantern Festival at Taipei Expo Park. The event ended on March 3.
22 The Department of Legal Affairs implemented the program of “Consumer Protection Officers in Action at Trade Fairs” and offered consumer counseling service at The 23rd International Cosmetic Exhibition. The event ended on February 26.
24 The Department of Sports and Taiwan International Sport Dance Development Association co-hosted the 2013 Open Professional Ballroom Dance Championships Asian Tour Taipei Open. About 500 pairs of contestants from 25 countries participated, drawing about 5,000 spectators. The event ended on February 28.
The Department of Education held the 2013 Taipei International Calligraphy Show and Spring Brush Work Convention at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. About 650 people participated.
26 Taipei Deputy Mayor Chen Hsiung-wen visited Cape Town, South Africa, to attend the Taipei International Design Show organized by Design Indaba. The event lasted until March 4.
28 The Taipei City 228 Memorial Museum held the 66th 228 Incident Anniversary Memorial Service in front of the 228 Memorial Monument in Taipei 228 Peace Memorial Park. About 2,090 people attended.
29 The Department of Urban Development was rated No. 1 by the Ministry of the Interior in the “2011 Public Safety Inspections on Buildings”.

March 01 The website of Taipei City Government was ranked 86th in the ‘2013 Top 100 Websites,’ by Business Next magazine, advancing 10 places compared to the result from the previous year. It was also the only government website on the list. The prices of Taipei garbage bags were reduced from NT$0.45 per liter to NT$0.36, decreasing by 20%.
05 Taipei Deputy Mayor Ting Tin-yu visited Brussels, Belgium to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee of the International University Sports Federation. The event ended on March 11.
06 The Maokong Gondola’s “Transformer” design of the double-grip cable hangers won the 2012 “Creative
Economic and Technological Development Honorary Award” of the Executive Yuan.
09 The Hakka Affairs Commission held the 2013 Taipei City Hakka Bag Gung Ceremony. It lasted until March 13 and about 1,500 people attended.
10 The Department of Sports and the Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey Federation cohosted the 2013 World U18III Level Group A Ice Hockey Championships. About 109 athletes from 5 countries participated and drew about 1,200 spectators. The event ended on March 18.
13 Taipei City Market Administration Office held the 2013 Taipei City Traditional Market Festival, which lasted until April 14, and attracted about 45,000 people to attend the activities. The 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Organizing Committee and International University Sports Federation (FISU) held the “Game Planning Seminar for 2017 Summer Universiade” . About 150 central government representatives, specialists and scholars attended. The seminar ended on March 15. The Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration conducted an “Emergency Response Drill against Spread of Radioactive Fallout to the Feitsui Reservoir in Nuclear Incidents”.
15 The Department of Urban Development and globally renowned platform TED collaborated to hold the first- ever outdoor Future Lab presentation: TED x Taipei – City with Heartbeats. The Public Works Department organized the Shilin Presidential Residence Rose Festival. The festival attracted about 109,400 people and ended on March 24.
17 The Taipei City Government and the Chinese Taipei Cycling Association cohosted the 2013 Tour de Taiwan. About 184 cyclists from 30 countries participated and drew about 3,500 spectators. The event ended on March 24.
21 The Department of Labor held its first session of the Labor Affairs Academy. About 950 people attended. The program ended on May 28.
30 The Department of Education conducted the 2013 Trial Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students in the Taipei Area. About 84% of ninth-grade students, 25,000 of them, took the examination. The event ended on March 31.

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