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Chapter 5 Social Welfare

In 2014, the Department of Welfare, Taipei City Government, was proud to achieve the goal of setting up one Parent-child Center and Friendly Childcare Center for each district in Taipei City. Meanwhile, efforts were devoted to integrating the early intervention and creative care services. Moreover, the project to certify restaurants as ideal dining environments for the elderly and their relatives with the “Friendly Restaurant-Taipei” label was also in place. In addition, the Assistive Device Center was established to provide integrated assistive tool services for people with mental and physical challenges. What's more, as a pioneering city in Taiwan, the Office for Gender Equality of Taipei City Government was constructed to enact general gender equality policy and measures. The Bringing Economically Disadvantaged Citizens Back to the Labor Market Project was initiated to innovate and promote a one-stop, holistic and seamless employment service and encourage low-income families to cultivate the habit of saving funds for education to break the cycle of poverty.

Social Welfare

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