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Chapter 12 Culture and the Art

Here are some of the most memorable events in Taipei this year: Taipei has formally taken over from Cape Town, South Africa, and become the fifth World Design Capital; Ximen Taipei, which has fallen away for hundreds of years, has been reinstall with “Ximen image” Installation Art to keep on telling the story of Taipei; after nine years of effort, Xinbeitou Railway Station, which has been move to Changhua for 26 years, is finally returning to Taipei and will begin to be reassembled in Beitou Qixing Park by the end of the year; the Old House Cultural Movement introduced private investments. Currently, nineteen target buildings have successfully been matched. After restoration, the target buildings will become new spots in Taiwan's cultural map; the recombination of Taipei City museum and Ching-Kuo Chihai BOT, which is planned to be activated by the end of the year, has also been built this year; Taipei City Archives, which assumes responsibility for passing on the history and culture of Taipei City, has been stationed in Nishi Hongan temple plaza; Taipei's biographical notes and data has not been revised for 30 years. Eight biographical notes and data along with 33 volumes have been published in succession after 5 years of planning and compiling.

Culture and the Arts

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