2007 Taipei Yearbook

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Imagination is Surely the Key to the Door of Every City

Since its founding, Taipei has enjoyed a history of 123 years, throughout which the city has been looked upon as a paradise for dream weavers who laid a solid and rich foundation for the city by putting their imaginations into practice. The labor and diligence of our dedicated forefathers helped build the city from scratch and develop it into the capital city of Taiwan. In return, the city harbors an unprecedented degree of tolerance and countless opportunities for those who pursue dreams and encourages those blessed with outstanding creative skills to grow and become strong and fruitful on this land.

At the forefront of this great city of more than 2 million residents, the city government as a team is more than proud to take on the responsibility of working together with the city dwellers to carry on the torch passed down from our ancestors and look into the future. Thus, we can envision and create the prosperity of Taipei for the next millennium. We endeavor to build a water-friendly, green and technological city, a competitive and accommodating metropolitan Taipei that holds a place of distinction in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Refreshing the Tamsui River Water is the Starting Point to Build Our Dream City

Refreshing the Tamsui River Water is the Starting Point to Build Our Dream CityA famous ancient sage once said, “The highest good is like that of water.” Likewise, a great city must be nurtured by a vibrant and vitally flowing river. With an area of 2,726 Sq. km, the Tamsui River, once the cradle for the hundred-year prosperity of Taipei, became devastated after suffering from over-exploitation. To save the river and return its space and historical memories to the public, the City Government proposed a visionary project to refresh the river’s waters. It began from urban planning, continued through constructing landmark buildings, and recreating riverside space.

In addition to improving the water quality and landscaping, the project aimed at getting citizens close to the water so they would cherish it, take care of it and help safeguard the river from pollution. Since it took a hundred years to recreate a clean and beautiful Thames River in London, we shall make a long-term commitment in dedicating our efforts and resources to keep the Tamsui River clean. The City Government will spare no effort in transforming Taipei into an international and outstanding riverside city.

days of Taipei’s west region should never be relegated to the past. To fulfill the dream of building a beautiful city, we have initiated a complete urban redevelopment project. Through a liberal interpretation of the law and the encouragement of setting up urban redevelopment companies, the redevelopment project is set to bring vitality to the city’s old and decayed communities. To quicken the pace, four strategic areas are highlighted for development: water-friendly areas, old communities, transportation hubs and echnological and industrial zones. By so doing, it is expected that the old communities can share in the progress and fruits of urban development and help create quality urban living space.

Apart from stimulating inner regeneration, we are striving to rise to international challenges. To create a world-class IT industrial city and a regional operational center for the high-tech industry,the City Government is speeding up infrastructure construction projects and industrial innovation and fostering exchanges. In undertaking the Greater Neihu Technology Park project, we are reshaping the Southern part of Dawon of the Keelung River and the land of the 5th Phase of the Neihu Re-planning District. By linking together disparate regions, developing industrial clusters and building up the IT infrastructure for a new network city, we intend to create an urban environment that is highly competitive. When the Taipei Songshan Airport becomes the airport for cross-strait direct flights, the Taipei Technology Corridor will become crucial center for development.

As culture and leisure activities are indispensable for Taipei’s citizens, we have continued setting up local sports centers that live up to the standards of the green architecture label. We help citizens to enjoy sports facilities in a convenient and economical way. To experience the vitality and ambience of festivals, you may take part in our world-class Lantern Festival, the Yangmingshan Flower Festival, the Newrow Main (Beef Noodle) Festival and the New Year Party. The Maokong Gondola, newly opened in July 2007, features both transportation and sight-seeing functions; it attracted more than 2.36 million passengers for the year, becoming the newest tourist landmark in Taipei.

Global warming has now become a more complex and disturbing issue in Taiwan as it increases the period and range of Dengue Fever and was responsible for several unexpectedly severe torrential rainstorms and flooding that struck metropolitan Taipei. These events compel us to address the issue of global warming. Last year, schools and government agencies in Taipei successfully reduced power consumption by 1% by adjusting the airconditioning temperature from 26°C to 28°C. In addition, the daily garbage output has been reduced to less than 1,640 metric tons and the recycled volume surpassed 1,200 metric tons. The recycle rate has been increasing with each passing year and now has gone beyond 40%. All these achievements show that the green awareness of Taipei’s citizens is internationally competitive.

Looking back upon the birth of the Yearbook of Taipei City, we aim to go beyond the traditional framework laid by previous government authorities. Instead, we hope to witness the urban style and features shaped by the inhabitants of Taipei from their own point of view. Therefore, this chronological yearbook is intended to display the efforts of the City Government to boost the development of the City. What makes the documentation so worthwhile is the vitality and diversity demonstrated by our citizens as well as their tolerance for different cultures, ethnic groups, ideologies and opinions. All these contribute to making Taipei a friendly city. The greatness of the city can be discovered from things that seem common on the surface. This is what makes this yearbook an important indicator of the city’s progress and a treasure to be well collected and preserved.

We are more than proud to serve this city of dreams and to dedicate this yearbook to the dreamweavers of this great city.

Lung-bin Hau, Ph. D.Lung-bin Hau, Ph. D.
May 2008