Dreams Come True in Taipei

The year 2011 is a year of great harvest for Taipei City.

The Flora Expo and the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei ended on a high note, winning worldwide acclaim. The nation's youth baseball team also bagged the gold medal in the First IBAF World Youth League held in Taipei. What a year it has been!

Moreover, the Taipei City Government won the hosting right for the 2017 Summer Universiade, projected to be the most spotlighted sports event ever taken place here in Taiwan. This is an honor for the people of Taipei City and an important step for the country to raise her international profile.

I am truly grateful for winning the right to host the Summer Universiade in 2017: the selection process went swimmingly well. Thanks to the capable delivery of the City's soft power, the support of all our citizens and our volunteers, we were granted this prestige to stage the international event. Because of their collective effort, Taipei City is widely recognized by the international community as a city capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of hosting international events.

In addition, in year 2011, Taipei has inaugurated many projects to assist the young couples in Taipei City in finding placement and employment, inspiring them to be fruitful and raise families. These packages were effective in addressing a myriad of life issues they may encounter in Taipei City.

The project,”Have a Care-free Pregnancy,”helped improve the birthrate of Taipei City to 36.45%, topping all the counties and cities in the country; it has more than doubled the national average birthrate. The City also inaugurated preferential loans for young people who wish to study abroad or establish a career; it was the first such policy ever in the country, and it was positively received. Approval was granted to more than 90% of the total of 81 applications. Interest-free loans designated for studying abroad have helped many people acquire professional certificates; some went abroad to learn to make pastries; others chose to take on the challenges of dancing, while still others chose to learn to fly; they earned pilot licenses and fulfilled their dreams of flying in the blue skies.

We also pioneered the nation in building government-subsidized rental housing for young people. The first city government subsidized rental building is located in Dalungdong and will be allocated based on a lottery drawing. The building is in the downtown area and it boasts highquality construction efforts; more than 1,000 people registered for the chance to rent a unit consisting of two rooms for a small family.

With so many young people participating in the project, passion and energy have been infused into the community; this proves that the successful resolution of housing issues for young people is a key element in the rejuvenation of Taipei City. In the next three years, we will try hard to meet the goal of building 4,808 units of government-subsidized rental housing to ameliorate the pressure of finding affordable residence among young people. High-quality buildings with well-organized management are underway to ensure the highest standard of public housing projects.

Dreams Come True in TaipeiThis is what Taipei City truly is. This great city is going through changes for the better. In the coming three years, I will try to overcome all the challenges to introduce and implement effective policies in Taipei City.

In the coming three years, we will build 35 boulevards in Taipei City to make it a beautiful garden city. In addition, we will bolster new lines of transport services, one line per year, and promote the development of a robust transport infrastructure in the metropolitan area.

In the coming three years, improvements will be made on Taipei Free, a free online service in public areas, to ensure faster and broader internet coverage. We will also launch the first fiberoptic internet service in the country so that the public can enjoy cheaper internet service at higher speed.

When I reflect on the year gone by, a whole array of projects

– including the revitalization of the Tamsui River, and the successful application to host the 2017 Summer Universiade

– the City Government has emerged triumphantly to stamp out doubts. Our vision has held sway: that one has to stick to one's convictions and welcome challenges persistently to make positive changes in Taipei City.

My friends, let us work together to make Taipei a more youthful, vibrant and happier city!


Lung-bin Hau, Ph.D MayorLung-bin Hau, Ph.D Mayor
May 2012

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