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The Taipei Yearbook, founded over ten years ago in 2004, records the history of municipal administration that is so closely tied with the people of Taipei. Through this collection of writings and photographs, the achievements of the Taipei City Government are showcased annually, and a record of the development and changes in municipal administration are fully preserved. Since 2006, following advancements in digital technology and environmental consciousness, the yearbook has been published both in print and as an e-book, and in 2013 only the digital version was published.


The cover story of the Taipei Yearbook 2014 is “MRT Construction”. After the opening of the Xinyi and Songshan Lines, built in 2013 and 2014 respectively, the Taipei central MRT network was complete, and the vision of “one MRT line per year” had been realized. “Advancement of the Taipei MRT Brings Easy Travel and Greater Prosperity” – The city's transport infrastructure is closely linked to the pulse of the metropolis, and through integration of public art into the expanded MRT network, we succeeded in pouring new life into the city, gradually bringing Taipei's urban development up to international standards.


MRT Construction

Taipei's charm comes from its inclusivity, and its people serve as a key component of the nation's development. By formulating appropriate welfare policies for all age groups and ethnic groups, Taipei City Government has made the city more stable and sustainable. The “Have a Care-free Pregnancy” project was launched in 2010 to encourage aspiring parents, and parent-child centers and daycare centers were set up in 12 districts, improving Taipei's parenting resources to meet the childcare demands of dual-income families in the metropolitan district. As well as childcare resources, we offer a number of free counseling services and seminars to help young people find work and learn useful job seeking skills.


To greet the aging of society and prolong the health of the elderly, Taipei City has, in combination with civic power, widely established senior service outlets in the community,and encourages senior citizens to increase social interaction and develop a regular outdoor exercise routine. The public and private sectors are working together to create a senior-friendly city, and a transformation is taking place, turning Taipei into “Blissful Taipei,Friendly City”.


With Taipei's Revitalize the Danshui River project, sustainable urban development has been achieved in the city. The urban waterfront has been transformed into a place for residents to relax and exercise, and deepen their connection to the river. The Taipei City Government has matched local environmental features to the people to jointly create a beautiful embankment landscape, providing an all-new riverside style to all residents. Aside from our efforts in environmental and ecological conservation work, we are linking the Neihu, Nangang and Beitou – Shilin Technology Parks to form the “Taipei Technology Corridor”, making Taipei more internationally competitive. “Taipei, an Innovative City with Glamorous Waterfronts” now describes Taipei city's unique urban charm.


“Taipei, a City of Infinite Possibilities” – promotion of the city has allowed the whole world to see this city of infinite possibilities. When Taipei was selected to host Velo-city Global 2016 it become Asia's first host city, and the World Design Capital Taipei 2016 will make Taipei the world's fifth Design Capital, and the first in the Chinese speaking world. Looking back over 2014, Taipei has made outstanding progress on existing achievements. Looking forward to 2015, with the concept of “open government and public participation”, Taipei can be expected to achieve further progress.


Taipei Yearbook Editorial Team
June 2015