Taipei Yearbook 2016

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City Mayor's Preface

In a press conference held on the second anniversary of my appointment to the mayor’s office, I appealed directly to the people of Taipei, putting forward Taipei City Government’s doctrine under the mantra of “Persevering with Ideas, Paying Witness to Change”. These past two years, I have steadfastly upheld the concept of “changing Taiwan starting with Taipei, changing Taipei starting with its culture”.It is my sincerest wish that because of the people we have in this city, starting with the people here in city hall who are helping to drive that change, Taipei may truly become better than ever.

A better Taipei requires both a vision and targets. Ever since taking office,I have pushed hard to develop the concept of “open government, citizens’participation and public transparency”. In order to promote efficiency in municipal administration, we have introduced strategy maps, balanced scorecards, and other business management tools. Asking each department to draw up key performance indicators (KPIs) is an effective way of improving results, and it also helps to reverse the public’s stereotypical perception of inefficient government agencies.

As well as turning over a new leaf with regards to the efficiency of city hall, I have also drawn a line under years of idle chatter by finally removing the dedicated bus lane on Zhongxiao West Road and Zhongxiao Bridge Ramp, so that after forty years of forlornness, Beimen can finally see the light of day again. As such, I have also lifted the curtain on the Western Gateway Strategic Plan.

Driving a step change in education is also another key focus area, and as the internet, science and technology develops and expands, so it is that we should conceive of education and study in a new way. No longer are the blackboard or the notebook the only classroom tools out there, but rather we should be encouraging parents, teachers and students to make use of cloud-based education resources.In an attempt to encourage independent study, in mid-2016 the Taipei CooC-Cloud platform was officially launched online. With the goal of driving education delivery into e-channels, it promises to bring about equal educational opportunities, and the city government is excited by the potential it might bring to those across society in offering new opportunities and changes in fortunes.

Taipei City Government wants to provide all its citizens with an achievable dream; with a space in which to innovate, create and develop; with an environment in which one does not fear failure or defeat. It wants to provide a city where residents can courageously go out and pursue their dreams.

In accordance with this principle, the government has spent the past two years setting up an entrepreneurial space to provide a one-stop consulting service to the public (StartUP@Taipei), as well as new kinds of operating bases with Centre for Innovation Taiwan (CIT) and an innovation laboratory within Taipei (Co-Space),along with setting up a Smart City office. Through the establishment of these entrepreneurship platforms, an innovative way of thinking will come into being,stretching internationally from Taipei to those developing new ideas and technology across the world. Innovation will be brought into the lives of those living in the city,and the economy will be jumpstarted with a new energy.

Just as Taiwan goes out into the world, the world also wants to come in and catch a glimpse of Taiwan. In recent years, multicultural Taipei has step-by-step turned into a dream destination for tourists from across the world. In August 2017,Taipei Universiade will be held, and is due to become the largest international sporting event in Taipei’s history. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate Taiwan’s
capabilities and to receive respect from the international community, and I hope that Taipei’s residents will join me on this great undertaking.

As well as shifting the approach of our administration and working to internationalize our city, these past two years have seen changes with regards to public housing communities, public urban regeneration areas, civil affairs government drives innovation. In addition, the Laws and Regulations Database of Taipei City has been optimized and citizens are able to download an APP that allows them to report crime. All of these changes are a strong example of the City Government breaking with the past and creating new initiatives. One other
area worth calling attention to is the reduction in levels of debt that Taipei City Government is saddled with, and in the past two years, 30 billion TWD of debt has been written down. This is based on one simple belief: do not leave debt for future generations.

I have worked hard to try and create a society where the correct and proper things are done, and I have built a government team that the citizens trust and have faith in. By taking a long-term view, it becomes clear that there is a right way of accomplishing things, and even though we may face inconveniences on our
path to reach them, we must push on, working to ensure that the citizens’ faith in us is not misplaced.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues at city hall for their ceaseless dedication over the past two years, and I would also like to thank city residents for their tolerance and understanding as we create a brighter, more beautiful, and more energetic future for Taipei City. I am convinced that one day, Taipei truly will become a great city, and that is down to its great residents, each of whom is raring to give to society and the community around them more than they themselves have ever taken out of it. Just as I am always saying in my speeches : If a is greater than 1,a to power of n is infinity. Small individual contributions, when taken together, can lead to far-reaching societal progress.

The municipal administration must work to implement policies which have a real impact on peoples’ lives, and together with the people we march on bravely into the future as we seek to bring glory to Taipei. Our journey will not stop until we have turned the vision of a livable and sustainable Taipei into reality, and only then may we all chant together with pride: “Taipei has really changed for the better!”

Taipei City Mayor
Taipei City Mayor Wen-Je Ko
June 2017